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What is eSports? Discover eSports here.

You see that stadium full? Would you say that is holding some end? How basketball, perhaps? Well sorry to say you're wrong, and although the LA's Staples Center, home of the Lakers and Los Angeles Clippers, has nothing to do with the NBA. It is the celebration of the end of season one of the most influential currently eSports games, nothing more and nothing less than League of Legends. But eSports? Do not worry, then I will try to explain everything about them, and believe me, this issue is not indifferent to absolutely.

eSports comes from "Electronic Sports" in Spanish means "Electronic Sports". This term is used for competitions organized in video games, especially among professionals.

ESports in each game requires its rules and is played on consoles or computers, both online and offline, so that each player play individually or in teams to achieve a common goal: winning.

And this ... When did it start?

Well, let's say that was always there. Our dear friend in this post Wikipedia tells us that the first gaming competition was at Stanford University in 1972 with Spacewar game where the prize was a one-year subscription to Rolling Stone.

QuakeDespués, in 1990, the Internet comes and begin to make the first competitions where the game online "Netrek" is named as the first competitive game online. Quake born at that time, first-person shooter that would become the first game belonging to eSports as we know them today.

ESports we know now begin from 2000 onwards. In those years they increased competitions and in turn online gaming. They were creating links to all these competitions and increasing the prizes thanks to sponsors, which are usually related to the electronic world.

They were also the years when South Korea launched all out and created the first eSports TV channels which still continue retransmitting StarCraft and WarCraft III. Later, other countries such as Germany, UK and France begin to broadcast competitions sporadically. There is many ways to make esports bets on betting websites such as and many others.

barcraftActualmente, there are platforms like Twitch, where we can see thousands of streams of different games and competitions in real time. Also known "BarCraft" where we can go to see our favorite competitions and also share with attendees in a pleasant and fun.

What is played in eSports?

Here you have a list of games that currently have more pull, also adding some that may not know he had competition.

Warcraft III is a real-time strategy created by Blizzard Entertainment and is the third part of the Warcraft series. Your competition is popular in China, Germany and South Korea, where all players are famous.

Call of Duty video game series is a first-person military style. It is characterized as a shooter where your reflexes and knowledge of the terrain lead you to victory. With its new edition "Ghost" a championship will be held in Los Angeles (California) where teams compete for a prize of one million dollars.

StarCraf II is a game where players create armies and fight for control of the battlefield. It is played with an aerial view of the terrain and orders are given to units in real time. This game requires a lot of strategy, since a single failure can give the game to your opponent.

Counter Strike is a first person shooter by teams: terrorists and anti-terrorists. This game also features the player's reflexes and knowledge map. It has achieved much success on the Internet over the years, one of the most played online shooters.

Dota2 is a strategy game in real time belonging to the genre MOBA. It is played by teams where each player controls a character with the aim of destroying the nexus of the opposing team. Cooperation and management skills of the character is one of the keys to this kind of games.

And last but not least important ...

League of Legends

League of Legends, like Dota2, is a strategy game genre MOBA. Currently, it is one of the most important in the world of eSports games, moving thousands of dollars in prizes in most competitions. They have their own league, the LCS, where teams with the best players play at being in the top positions.

Sponsors and streamings.

You IntelTe be wondering how it is possible to get out of a video game competition. Much of this credit is thanks to companies that financed their brands competitions, teams and players. Some of them have their own competitions like Intel, which has the IEM, where tournaments of various games such as Starcraft II and League of Legends dispute. Another great is SteelSeries, which sells products, usually computer peripherals that are in high demand among players. In addition, these companies take advantage of the pull they have these games to create products with their images and logos.

Twitch-tv-logoLos streamings are also a very important part, with them we are able to see the international or national competitions in real time. It is also a platform that has helped a lot to the players to make themselves known, interact with their fans while training and securing more public or improving your personal brand. One of the best known is Twitch, where we can find thousands of online streams from different countries.

Be professional player in eSports ... Rent?

For starters, it is not easy to become one. When your child says, "Dad, I want to be a football player and play X famous team" you stare, smile, and get into a football academy or are motivated to keep practicing. And surely never become famous. For in eSports it is exactly the same, professional players out for the dedication, which have kid_gamerde easily adapt to change games and be noticed above the rest. And even if video games, this is not nonsense, those who are now professionals have spent hours they have left everything aside to get their dream and they have succeeded. With this I do not mean if your son says, "Dad, I want to be a professional player of League of Legends" you allow leave you their studies and that this hours training to get it, no, I mean you lean as if to be a football player, and even now are being born the first "academies" eSports, there is a site specifically to "learn to be player X game."

Returning to the theme of "? Become a professional player in eSports, rent" I think the answer varies between people and mine is: yes. Not only because of the money issue, that if you are good and you go to tournaments, you can win pretty, but simply the experience of living a dream has been fulfilled, you are able to live on what you like and you have thousands of fans around the world supporting you and encouraging you to get ahead, though it is IMHO.

Players, athletes in the XXI century?

Very recently the US government has recognized players of League of Legends as professional athletes and athletes by providing visas to enter the country and compete. That is, a country like the US recognizes that eSports is a sport and provides its foreign players the same facilities as an athlete in any other sport. South Korea is already normal that players are treated like athletes, this is proof of the change that is assuming eSports in society and the change of mentality that this entails.

This is a sport, this is a ESPORT. Be proud of it!

I hope that after this post, I have been all much clearer the issue of eSports, what it means and what is currently influencing our society, although I've left some things in the pipeline, will be happy to answer your doubts and investigate yourself all you want about this, although I encourage you to do for yourself. I would like to share you this video, where the majesty of eSports and gaming community sample. I can not help but get excited every time I see it.

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